Sports Medicine

    From diagnostics to recovery, Dr. Natanzi addresses issues specific to active people. Whether your complaint is due to an injury or an underlying condition like arthritis, Dr. Natanzi can reestablish function.


    Advanced Options

    At The Regenerative Sports and Spine Institute, athletes appreciate options like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and biologic injections (i.e. stem cells) to speeden their recovery.


    Full Spectrum Care

    Dr. Natanzi offers expertise in bedside diagnostic ultrasound and access to other imaging technologies, and provides many nonoperative treatments, rehab, and conditioning.

    If you’re looking for an advanced sports medicine practitioner, contact Dr. Natanzi today.


    What’s the goal of sports medicine?

    The effects of being sidelined are discouraging, especially for anyone who loves to exercise. Sports medicine practitioners like Dr. Natanzi recognize the repercussions of an athlete’s setback and concentrate on restoring an athlete’s full capabilities. The goal of sports medicine is threefold:

    • To help athletes recover from injury and return to the game as quickly as possible
    • To help active men and women achieve peak performance
    • To prevent sports injuries​

    Dr. Natanzi provides treatment for everyone from casual sportspeople to competitive, professional athletes to get them back on the field. He takes a specialized approach to diagnosing and treating conditions that athletes face.

    What conditions do you treat?

    Dr. Natanzi treats pain and injury related to:

    • Shin splints
    • Sprains and strains
    • Ligament tears
    • Tennis elbow
    • Lower back pain and sciatica
    • Rotator cuff injuries
    • Wrist pain
    • Pinched nerves
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    How do you treat sports injuries?

    Many athletes seek regenerative medicine from Dr. Natanzi. He specializes in cutting-edge therapies like stem cell and PRP injections. Tissues inside the joints once believed to be irreparable have positive responses to biologic injections.

    By injecting human growth factors, collagen, proteins, and bioactive molecules, Dr. Natanzi can help you achieve an accelerated healing response. These components support proper tissue remodeling, tamper inflammation, and prevent scar tissue formation.