Regenerative Therapy for Knee Pain

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    Surgery Alternative

    Surgery Alternative

    Surgery can't always be prevented, but regenerative methods like platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy can be a potential alternative for some patients looking to avoid a knee arthroscopy or a knee replacement.


    Stem Cell Therapy

    Stem Cell Therapy

    Your stem cells have the unique ability of turning into any other type of cell in your body, and are used for repair. By taking stem cells from your own body, then processing them and injecting them into problem areas, the stem cells have a chance to get to work repairing the area causing you pain.


    Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelets in your blood are valuable when it comes to healing due to their concentration of growth factors. Platelet rich plasma therapy involves withdrawing blood and separating the platelets to create a platelet rich injection.

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    Can I benefit from regenerative therapy?

    These regenerative methods can be used for patients suffering from:

    • General knee pain
    • Knee osteoarthritis
    • Bone-on-bone knee pain
    • Clicking knee

    Is there risk involved?

    By using a regenerative method for treating knee pain, Dr. Natanzi can provide patients with effective treatment using their own body’s platelets or stem cells. These regenerative solutions are low-risk because of the absence of foreign materials. Contact us today to find out how we can help you recover from knee pain and return to your daily activities.

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    Associated Cost

    Regenerative therapy treatments can vary in price from $2499 to $5000, and the procedures are typically not covered by medical insurance. However, we accept CareCredit as a flexible payment option at our office.

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